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Bonding and Grounding of Flammable Liquids
Product Code: BGFL
Running Time: 14 minutes

Every day, flammable liquids are safely used, transported, and transferred in a wide variety of industries, vehicles, and applications. In order to do so, all personnel involved in flammable liquid operations must be aware of the potential hazards presented by flammable liquids and understand the safe work practices that must be followed to prevent fires or explosions. This program demonstrates how to prevent electrostatic discharge while transferring flammable liquids by using the proper equipment and PPE.

After watching the program, the participant should be able to explain the following:
  • What is static electricity;
  • Why it is important to know the flashpoint of a flammable liquid;
  • How bonding and grounding works;
  • The equipment and PPE needed for safe bonding and grounding.

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Bonding and Grounding of Flammable Liquids

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