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CAL / OSHA: Forklift Operator Training
Product Code: COFRK
Running Time: 14 minutes

Our workplace is full of hazards, hazards that can hurt us or kill us. Controlling these hazards and preventing injuries is the purpose of our safety and health program. One hazard in many industrial workplaces is the unsafe operation of powered industrial trucks, commonly called forklifts or lift trucks. Ensuring that drivers operate forklifts in a safe manner can prevent injuries and save lives. Forklift operators must be properly trained and if an employee is not trained, they should not be behind the wheel of a forklift.

After watching the program, the participant should be able to explain the following: 

    • The training requirements needed to operate a forklift;
    • How to perform a pre-operational inspection;
    • How to safely carry a load;
    • How to safely drive around pedestrians and obstacles;
    • How to safely enter and exit trailers.

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