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An example of diversity in the workplace where workers embrace the value created by our differences Diversity
Depsite all the mention of "workplace diversity", many of us still wonder what it means to our individual organizations and why should we care?  These programs help explain the answer to those questions and why diversity training can be beneficial for everybody.
Drug-Free Workplace
Studies show that compared with substance non-abusers...substance-abusing employees are more likely to change jobs frequently, be late or absent from work, be less productive, be involved in a workplace accident, and/or file a workers compensation claim.
Employee Development
A solid employee development program can mean the difference between a successful company and one that struggles.  More and more workers are looking for employers who can help them increase their knowledge and skills.
Workplace Harassment
Harassment comes in many different forms.  Disrespectful behavior serves no useful purpose in the workplace and should not be tolerated. These programs address issues from both an employee and supervisor perspective.
Sexual Harassment
In 1998, the US Supreme Court made employers more liable for sexual harassment of their employees.  The causes of sexual harassment can be complex.  These programs help in the training of both employees and supervisors on this subject.
An example of violence in the workplace that all employees should be aware of to remain safe at work Workplace Violence
Statistics tell us that 1 in 4 workers are threatened, harassed or assaulted each year in the workplace.  While nobody can prevent or eliminate all workplace violence, steps can be taken to lessen the chances of it happening.  These programs are an excellent tool in helping achieve this goal.