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Employee Development

A solid employee development program can mean the difference between a successful company and one that struggles.  More and more workers are looking for employers who can help them increase their knowledge and skills.

The First Mile: The Essential ART of Customer Service
Product Code: CSV

While customer service training often focuses on "going the extra mile"; this film demonstrates that it is not enough to go the extra mile, if you haven't gone the First Mile.
Conflict Communication Skills
Product Code: CCS

At some point in your work history, you will encounter some form of hostility. Whether it's an upset co-worker or a dissatisfied customer, your response can make the difference between a stressful or a pleasant work environment.
Stress Management: A Practical Approach
Product Code: STR

While today's technology helps us get the job done, it also brings us new types of stressful situations. Fortunately, all of us have the power to control and effectively manage the stress in our lives.
Teamwork: Achieving Success
Product Code: TAS

There are numerous benefits to be gained from working in a team versus working individually to achieve goals. This program describes the positive results of effective teamwork.