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Purchase exactly what you need. ATR Online offers a wide variety of credit packages to satisfy your training needs. The larger the package you purchase, the less each credit will cost. Credits can be used on any title in the ATR Online library. Your training video library will evolve and adapt as your training needs change. New releases are constantly being added to expand your selection.

Convenience and Flexibility

ATR Online allows you or anyone you share your credits with to access our entire streaming video library. The library includes both English and Spanish titles. In addition, videos are accompanied with a supplementary training guide, quiz or discussion topics.

Upon the purchase of an ATR Online credit package, you will be assigned a unique Serial Number. Share your Serial Number with your staff, other departments or different locations around the globe. All you need is your Serial Number and an internet connection to stream these high-quality videos to your classroom, computer or mobile device. It’s that easy!

No Contract Required

ATR Online does not tie you down with a contract. Simply purchase the credit package that meets your needs. Once you use all of your credits, you can purchase more credits or move on to another solution that better fits your needs. You are in complete control.


ATR Online’s video library features only the best options for each category. You don’t need to waste your valuable time searching through low-quality and outdated content. Simply choose the topic you desire and the best available titles will appear. You have the option of previewing a sample of the program before using a credit.


ATR Online offers a Pay-Per-View (PPV) option. If you don’t want to purchase a credit package but want to access our streaming video library, this option will allow you to pay as you go. Simply choose the video you want, enter your payment information and watch the video.


Purchase ATR Credits Go to ATR Online Site