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Keynote / Safety Speakers

The nation's top safety speakers share in chilling detail their stories and how workplace accidents could and should have been prevented. Typical speaking fees for "live" presentations range from $5,000 up to $12,000 per session.  Share their stories at a fraction of that cost!

Billy Robbins
His fast-paced, motivational and behavior-based safety presentations will shape and change the attitudes of your people. This in turn will make your safety programs, processes and procedures much easier to implement…helping you change your safety culture.
Jeff "Odie" Espenship
As a former USAF fighter pilot, instructor, air show pilot, and current international airline pilot...Odie understands how to operate and lead those who work in a high-risk and often-dangerous work environment. He's a dynamic and entertaining speaker with a passion of bringing value to other people’s lives!
Brad Livingston
During his presentations, you will hear words like short-cut, pride, perspective, attitude and complacency.  You will learn how each of these played a role in the actions that led to his injuries and you will understand why you should prevent them from becoming factors in your workplace.
Jeff Bell
Motivations are more powerful when they are anchored in the depths of the human heart. Jeff tells the true story of a construction accident that took the life of his son Brian Bell, a college student with less than a week left on his junior-senior summer job.
Martin Lesperance
As a former firefighter / paramedic, Martin Lesperance has attended to thousands of people who have been injured by making poor safety choices.  He shares his unique experiences with riveting stories that tie in critical safety messages which people can’t help but remember for years to come!
Tom Harvey
Tom Harvey is a Certified Safety Professional (CSP) and has extensive experience in practical regulatory compliance, HSE best practices implementation, and safety process systems improvement.  He brings over 25 years of operational experience and a proven track record for delivering results.
John Martin
John and a co-worker ignored the safe work practices that would have protected them from injury.  In this program, he delivers his performance and safety solutions backed by twenty-five years of experience in the manufacturing and construction industries.
Kevin Bailey
Are you ready for a fresh approach on safety?  Everyone can learn from someone else’s mistake!  In this motivational presentation, Kevin emphasizes the importance of workplace safety, while focusing on job complacency.
Mark Standifer
While installing relays on the door of a 13,800-volt switchgear, Mark Standifer made several crucial errors resulting in 2nd & 3rd degree burns over 40% of his body when he was engulfed in an arc blast. He is known throughout the country as a leader in on-site technical training development and electrical safety programs.
David Dyck explaining how wearing the proper PPE kept him safe during a violent explosion at work David Dyck
This program features David Dyck's powerful, true story of surviving a violent explosion during a routine maintenance procedure. It’s a message your employees won’t soon forget!
Jeff Walters
Jeff Walters, a young newlywed, was more interested in earning the respect of his co-workers than being concerned for his own safety.  This program teaches the critical safety lesson that risk-taking is never worth it and that any supposed reward of a shortcut is only a facade.
David Lynn
In this live presentation safety professional and motivational speaker, David Lynn, discusses 15 real-world successful techniques that can be used to put the five safety principles of OSHA's Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) into practice.
Bernie Inman
In this program, Bernie and Sheila candidly discuss the events leading to Bernie's injuries, and in the process deliver a powerful message on the importance of safety awareness, safe work practices and the far-reaching effects of a workplace injury.
Jim Elzinga
Jim Elzinga has been climbing mountains and pursuing outdoor adventure for over forty years.  In this program, Jim explains in spellbinding detail how the requirements of building a safety culture to survive summiting Mt. Everest are no different than what is needed to build a safety culture in the workplace.