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Jeff "Odie" Espenship

As a former USAF fighter pilot, instructor, air show pilot, and current international airline pilot...Odie understands how to operate and lead those who work in a high-risk and often-dangerous work environment. He's a dynamic and entertaining speaker with a passion of bringing value to other people’s lives!

Leading Indicators: It's the Little Things with Jeff "Odie" Espenship
Product Code: LILT

Jeff "Odie" Espenship is a former USAF fighter pilot and one of the most sought-after safety speakers in the industry today.  As a flight leader, he knows what it takes to operate safely in high-risk and sometimes dangerous work environments.
Knock It Off! with Jeff "Odie" Espenship
Product Code: KIO

In this program, Odie discusses the concept of calling a “knock it off” immediately when recognizing dangerous behavior, while his friend and fellow fighter pilot Wes Sharp encourages viewers to speak up and tell co-workers to “keep off the grass” when they witness an unsafe act.
The result of The Tenerife Tragedy when leading indicators or warning signs were not recognized
Leading Indicators: The Tenerife Tragedy with Jeff "Odie" Espenship
Product Code: TENE

In this presentation, fighter pilot and safety speaker Jeff “Odie” Espenship discusses the three leading indicators that led to this tragedy and encourages viewers to slow down, re-plan and refocus when these warnings appear in our workplaces.