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Whether it's the dog days of summer or a cold winter's night, these Programs will help to keep your employees safe and aware of seasonal hazards.

Heat Stress: Working Safely in the Heat
Product Code: SITH

This program provides an overview of how the body regulates heat, how to recognize the warning signs when these processes aren’t working, and how to treat symptoms of various heat-related illnesses.
A worker suffering the life-threatening effects of a heat related illness or heat stress
Understanding & Preventing Heat - Related Illnesses
Product Code: UPHR

As the temperature rises this summer and we continue to perform our regular job duties, the potential for heat-related illnesses increases dramatically. Your employees must be vigilant in their efforts to prevent them.
A worker suffering from a heat-related illness or heat stress while working in a hot environment
Heat Stress
Product Code: HSTR

Whether you work in a hot environment or you're outside on one of those "dog days of summer", this program shows viewers how to recognize and respond to various heat-related problems.
Activities that often take place during the 101 days of summer that may result in injury or death
101 Days of Summer Safety
Product Code: DOSS

From the Memorial Day weekend through the Labor Day holiday, we enjoy all types of warm-weather events, but summer is also a critical time for injuries. In fact, more mishaps occur during these 101 days than they do the rest of the entire year.
A person attempting to walk safely on ice during winter conditions to avoid injury and stay safe
Winter Walking: Staying On Your Feet
Product Code: WWSF

By its very nature, winter walking is a seasonal safety issue and limited to several months. Yet thousands of serious injuries happen every winter. The personal and financial impacts of a wintertime injury can last throughout the year for the individual and for the employer.
Walking Safely in Icy Conditions
Product Code: WICY

In this program, EMT/Firefighter Martin Lesperance explains how and why walking on icy surfaces is dangerous as well as the proper safety precautions viewers should take when walking on snow and ice.
Drivers in snow and ice adjusting their driving technique to remain safe when winter driving
Winter Driving: When the Rules Change
Product Code: WDRC

This program adresses: vehicle preparation for winter, adjusting schedules for winter driving conditions, maintaining good visibility, winter driving techniques including intersections, cornering, skid control, braking and slowing down and winter survival
A worker in a cold environment attempting to stay safe and avoid the hazards of cold stress
Cold Stress: Working Safely in Cold Weather
Product Code: CLD

Anyone who works outside on a regular basis knows that at some point or another, you're going to experience cold and wet weather conditions.  These working conditions can threaten your ability to do your job safely they can have negative affects on the body even at temperatures as high as 59 degrees Fahrenheit.
A discussion of the contributing factors of injuries following the return of an employee to work
Back to Work - Back to Safety
Product Code: BWBS

This is a "must see" program for employees returning to work after spending some time away whether due to the holidays, summer vacation, or other absence.
Severe Weather Safety: Prepare, Survive & Recover
Product Code: SWS

Lightning, flooding, pounding hail, tornadoes, and hurricanes cause property damage, injuries, and fatalities in all parts of the world every year. It is imperative that everyone be prepared for inclement conditions, no matter where they live and work.
A person taking the proper safety precautions to avoid injury or death during the winter holidays
Holiday Safety
Product Code: HOLS

In this program, EMT / firefighter and best-selling author Martin Lesperance discusses the safety precautions that people must take to prevent injuries and deaths during the winter holidays.
Scrooge is visited by the spirit of safety past and learns to embrace workplace safety procedures
A Safety Carol
Product Code: ASC

Ernest "Scrooge" Hungerfield is visited by the Spirits of Safety Past, Present and Future and vows to become a positive safety influence on others. He learns that safety can be contagious and that when safe choices are made in the present, the future is a much better place.
Bear Safety Awareness
Product Code: BEAR

In this program, EMT/Firefighter/Best-Selling Author Martin Lesperance reviews the safeguards that should be taken to prevent bear attacks as well as the reactionary measures to take should an attack occur.