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Back to Work - Back to Safety
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Running Time: 19 minutes

Distraction, falling out of routine, reporting for work exhausted, forgetting about common hazards, not being aware of workplace changes, frustration, poor job planning and organization, depression and mood swings are all common contributors to workplace incidents after spending time away from work. This program explains and illustrates each of these issues through a series of examples, testimonials and incident reenactments.
  • What pitfalls were experienced by workers in the program and how they could have been avoided.
  • How to re-establish a good safety routine after spending time away from work.
  • How to prepare for hazards to be encountered when returning to the job.
  • What simple steps can be taken to get back into the groove of safety.
  • Why employees must re-establish a good safety attitude and level emotional state when coming back to work.

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