(800) 278-2780


1. How do I pay an existing invoice with a credit card?

Please call (800) 278-2780 and press "0" and ask for Accounts Receivable.

2. My DVD won't play on my computer?

Try playing the disc in a non-recordable DVD player. If it still doesn't play, then the disk is probably defective and you should contact your Account Executive. If the disc DOES play, the disc is fine and it is a technical issue with your computer. It can be a wide range of problems that are causing the playback issues. Therefore, it's best to contact YOUR appropriate department, typically "IT" (Information Technology), to resolve the issue.

3. Can I make additional copies of programs that I have purchased?

All videos and DVDs are copyrighted materials and duplication of their content or any portion thereof without written permission of the copyright holder or its authorized agent is strictly prohibited by Federal Law. You may purchase additional copies at a reduced cost. Please contact you Account Executive for details and pricing .

4. Can I put programs that I have purchased on my company's Intranet / LMS / LAN / etc.?

There is a Limited Licensing Rights Fee per program and written consent from American Training Resources, Inc.must be obtained. The fee varies depending on several factors. Please contact an Account Executive for details and to obtain a price quote.