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A person attempting to walk safely on ice during winter conditions to avoid injury and stay safe
Winter Walking: Staying On Your Feet
Product Code: WWSF

By its very nature, winter walking is a seasonal safety issue and limited to several months. Yet thousands of serious injuries happen every winter. The personal and financial impacts of a wintertime injury can last throughout the year for the individual and for the employer.
A worker that received proper training using a fire extinguisher to put out a fire in the workplace
Fire Extinguisher Basic Training
Product Code: FEBT

This program will provide viewers with the basic information they need to react safely in a potentially dangerous situation involving a fire.
Workplace Violence - Recognizing the Threat & Active Shooter: How To Survive
Product Code: WPVL

This program helps us understand what signs to notice in a potentially violent person as well as what actions we should take if and when we feel the threat of violent behavior and/or an Active Shooter.