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Activities that often take place during the 101 days of summer that may result in injury or death
101 Days of Summer Safety
Product Code: DOSS

From the Memorial Day weekend through the Labor Day holiday, we enjoy all types of warm-weather events, but summer is also a critical time for injuries. In fact, more mishaps occur during these 101 days than they do the rest of the entire year.
Supported Scaffolding Safety in Industrial and Construction Environments
Product Code: SCAF

To work safely with supported scaffolds, employees need to understand the hazards that are associated with them and the OSHA regulations that have been established to mitigate those hazards.
Heat Stress: Working Safely in the Heat
Product Code: SITH

This program provides an overview of how the body regulates heat, how to recognize the warning signs when these processes aren’t working, and how to treat symptoms of various heat-related illnesses.