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To keep employees safe and injury-free, companies have set up programs to prevent injuries that result from repeated motions, poor posture, and vibrations or forces placed on our bodies while performing various job actions. These injuries are known as musculoskeletal disorders or MSD's.

A worker injured by an ergonomic hazard found in the workplace that could have been prevented
Understanding & Controlling Ergonomic Risk Factors
Product Code: UCER

Ergonomic controls are used in almost all workplaces to prevent Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs).  Ergonomics can be complicated, but this program provides a simple explanation all employees can understand.
A worker performing a job that has obvious ergonomic hazards that can result in serious injury
Industrial Ergonomics: Employee Training
Product Code: IERG

This program focuses on the three main components of a successful ergonomics program: developing a knowledge of musculoskeletal disorders, reporting their signs / symptoms and controlling ergonomic hazards.
An office worker at her computer attempting to reduce the chance of an ergonomic related injury
Ergonomics for the 21st Century
Product Code: ERGO

Ergonomics is the science of arranging and adjusting the work environment to fit the employee's body. It applies to every job and every type of workstation, and is each employee's responsibility that they are aware of ergonomic hazards and take the steps to reduce them.
Stretching for Injury Prevention
Product Code: SFIP

This program will make you a believer in the importance of stretching as part of an injury prevention routine. Liz Navarrete explains that the movements, postures and positions we take on each day while working can cause harm to our muscles and joints, as they are forced into awkward or strained positions.
An office worker with bad judgment and lacking a positive safety attitude leaning back in a chair
Office Injury Prevention
Product Code: OIP

Office workers sometimes forget about their most important workplace responsibility: their safety. This program stresses the importance of office safety and how a good safety attitude and using good judgment are the real keys to injury prevention.