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Confined Space

Employees must sometimes work in areas which have configurations that don't allow for regular safety precautions. These types of work areas are called confined spaces and learning how to safely work in these spaces is the purpose of these programs.

An example of potential hazards while working in confined spaces and not following safety training
Survive Inside: Employee Safety in Confined Spaces
Product Code: SIC

Confined spaces can be dangerous, but they don't have to be. No matter what role employees play in their organization's confined space entry program, they must understand their responsibilities and have the knowledge and skills to perform them properly.
A safety manager training workers on confined space safety to avoid injury from workplace hazards
Confined Space Safety
Product Code: CSPS

This program is designed to make viewers aware of confined space hazards and the steps that must be taken to prevent these hazards from contributing to injuries and deaths.  This modular-styled program features blocks of instruction followed by a review.
A worker in a confined space unaware of proper safety procedures and the entry permit system
Life & Death: Confined Space Safety
Product Code: LDCSS

As a subdivision of our best-selling "High Impact Series", this program has a very unique approach where it starts on the scene of an accident and works backwards. With the characters and audience playing the part of an accident investigator, they use the clues to solve the mystery of how the incident occurred.
An industrial worker following the OSHA Respiratory Protection Standard and safety training
Breathe Safely: The Proper Use of Respiratory Protection
Product Code: PURP

The purpose of this program is to provide employees with an understanding of the respiratory hazards they may encounter in their work areas and how to use the proper respiratory protection to prevent exposures to such hazards.
An industrial worker following the OSHA Respiratory Protection Standard and safety training
The Respiratory Protection Program: Employee Version
Product Code: RPPE

Exposure to hazardous chemicals in the form of dusts, fumes, mists and gases may cause lung damage, cancer and other serious ailments to vital organs and the central nervous system. This program shows employees how this plan works to protect them from res
A manager training workers on the respiratory protection program and OSHA regulations standard
The Respiratory Protection Program: Management Version
Product Code: RPPM

When respiratory protection is used, employers must follow the regulations laid out in OSHA's Respiratory Protection Standard, 1910.134. This program provides an overview of the employer's responsibilities and discusses key components of a proper Respirat