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The Overview Series

The Overview Series is designed to effectively promote comprehension and retention of the training material with each safety topic presented in an easy to follow outline format.

2021 Overview Series: Bloodborne Pathogens
Product Code: OVBP

Topics include the Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan, routes of entry, universal precautions, disposal and disinfection of contaminated materials and responding to an exposure.
Overview Safety Training Video on Fall Arrest Systems
2021 Overview Series: Personal Fall Arrest Systems
Product Code: OVFA

Topics include the full body harness, the connecting device, the anchor point, inspection of the harness and the connecting device, the total fall distance calculation and the rescue plan.
Overview Safety Training Video on HAZCOM
2021 Overview Series: Hazard Communication
Product Code: OVHC

Topics include the Global Harmonizing System, signal words, hazard and precautionary statements and pictograms that represent physical and health hazards.
Overview Training Video Preventing Hand Injuries
2021 Overview Series: Preventing Hand, Wrist and Finger Injuries
Product Code: OVHI

Topics include maintaining an awareness of where we place our hands, types of protective gloves, nip points and pinch points, preventing entanglement injuries, using tools safely and preventing ergonomic disorders.
Lockout / Tagout Overview Safety Training Video
2021 Overview Series: Lockout / Tagout
Product Code: OVLT

Topics include situations that require lockout/tagout, the energy control plan, the three employee designations related to lockout procedures, lockout/tagout devices, the sequence of a lockout procedure, returning equipment to service after a lockout and special lockout situations.
Overview Safety Training Video on Slips, Trips and Falls
2021 Overview Series: Slips, Trips and Falls
Product Code: OVSF

Topics include factors in maintaining balance and stability, selecting proper footwear, understanding and preventing slips and trips, unsafe acts that contribute to falls and safe work practices to prevent falls.