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2021 Overview Series: Hazard Communication
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Running Time: 14 minutes

Hazard Communication, commonly known as “HazCom,” refers to the procedures and processes used to effectively communicate to employees the hazards associated with workplace chemicals. Required by OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard, your organization’s Hazard Communication Program includes a written plan that outlines essential elements of the program, such as container labeling, Safety Data Sheets, a listing of all hazardous chemicals onsite and employee training. The purpose of Hazard Communication training is to explain and reinforce the information conveyed through container labels and Safety Data Sheets so employees can apply this information in their workplace. That’s the focus of this program—helping workers to become familiar with the written Hazard Communication Plan, the types of chemical hazards in the workplace and the specific types of information provided by container labels and Safety Data Sheets.

Participants should be able to explain the following after watching the program:
  • What information must be included in an organization’s written Hazard Communication Plan
  • Why the Global Harmonizing System was created and how it improves Hazard Communication
  • What the three types of chemical hazards are
  • Which types of information are displayed on a chemical container label
  • What the physical and health hazard pictograms are and what hazards they are used to indicate
  • What types of information are included on all Safety Data Sheets

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 2021 Overview Series: Hazard Communication

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