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2021 Overview Series: Bloodborne Pathogens
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Running Time: 10 minutes

Bloodborne pathogens are contaminants found in human blood or other bodily fluids that can transmit diseases such as hepatitis, HIV, various hemorrhagic fevers and other illnesses. Bloodborne pathogens can enter your body through contact with an open wound or cut, through needlesticks or other contaminated sharp objects, or through sexual contact. They can also be inhaled or ingested. In order to prevent the spread of diseases caused by contaminated blood or bodily fluids, your organization has developed an Exposure Control Plan as required by OSHA’s Bloodborne Pathogens Standard. A major component of this plan is training on the control measures employees should follow to minimize the risk of exposure to potentially infectious materials. That’s the purpose of this program—to provide workers with an understanding of how they can be exposed to bloodborne pathogens and what procedures and precautions they should follow to avoid infection.

Participants should be able to explain the following after watching the program:
  • What information is contained in the Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan
  • What the routes of entry for bloodborne pathogens to enter our bodies are
  • What the term “universal precautions” means and how to follow them to avoid infection
  • How to dispose of and disinfect potentially contaminated materials
  • How to properly respond to an exposure to bloodborne pathogens

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2021 Overview Series: Bloodborne Pathogens

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