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2021 Overview Series: Personal Fall Arrest Systems
Product Code: OVFA
Running Time: 12 minutes

Performing work on an elevated surface is inherently dangerous due to the risk of falling. When proper guardrails or other means of fall protection are not installed, a personal fall arrest system is usually required. A personal fall arrest system, consisting of a full body harness, a connecting device and anchor point, is designed to reduce the amount of force exerted on a worker during a fall and to prevent the falling worker from striking a lower level or hitting the ground below. Various OSHA standards require an employer to ensure that each employee is trained in the proper use of a fall arrest system before he or she uses the equipment. That’s the purpose of this program—to discuss the proper selection, inspection and usage of fall arrest components as well as the total fall distance calculation and the rescue plan for retrieving fallen workers.

Participants should be able to explain the following after watching the program:
  • How to don a full body harness properly
  • What the various types of connective devices are
  • Why it is critical to always select an approved anchor point
  • What to look for when inspecting a harness and connecting device
  • How to calculate the total fall distance
  • How fallen workers may be rescued and why rescue must be done promptly
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2021 Overview Series: Personal Fall Arrest Systems

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