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2021 Overview Series: Safe Use and Operation of Forklifts
Product Code: OVOF
Running Time: 21 minutes

Forklifts, also called lift trucks or powered industrial trucks, are powerful machines that are invaluable in the movement of products and materials in warehousing, industry and construction. These useful machines can also be extremely dangerous and are involved in many incidents of property damage, injuries and fatalities each year. OSHA regulates their use and requires operators of powered industrial trucks to receive general training on their operation as well as “hands-on” practical training.

Participants should be able to explain the following after watching the program:
  • The training requirements needed to operate a forklift safely;
  • A forklift’s handling and stability characteristics;
  • How to perform the pre-operational and operational inspections;
  • How to properly lift and place loads;
  • Operating safely around pedestrians and other safety considerations;
  • The measures to take to operate safely around loading docks and trailers.

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2021 Overview Series: Safe Use and Operation of Forklifts

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