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2021 Overview Series: Hearing Conservation
Product Code: OVHR
Running Time: 17 minutes

Our ability to hear is dependent on the delicate structures of the inner ear. Sound waves cause these tiny structures to vibrate, sending messages to our brain, which interprets these signals into the sounds we hear. Exposure to excessive levels of noise can damage these delicate structures and cause permanent hearing loss. To help prevent work-related hearing loss, OSHA has enacted regulations for general industry and construction workers that regulate occupational noise exposure.

Participants should be able to explain the following after watching the program:
  • How noise can damage one’s hearing;
  • Industry permissible exposure limits set by OSHA;
  • How to choose the correct PPE;
  • How to use and properly care for earplugs and earmuffs;
  • The testing and monitoring process of checking hearing levels.

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2021 Overview Series: Hearing Conservation

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