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2021 Overview Series: Preventing Hand, Wrist and Finger Injuries
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Running Time: 13 minutes

Our hands are exposed to countless workplace hazards that can cause severe injuries: machinery that can pinch or crush, knives and sharp tools that can cut or puncture, corrosive or irritating chemicals, extreme heat or cold and ergonomic-related hazards. Hand, wrist and finger injuries often have severe consequences such as extended time away from work and physical rehabilitation. Fortunately, most hand injuries can be prevented by following safe work practices and wearing appropriate PPE. That’s the purpose of this program—to review the basic safety precautions that can be followed and the various protective gloves that can be worn to prevent workplace hand injuries.

Participants should be able to explain the following after watching the program:
  • Why we must maintain an awareness of where we are placing our hands at all times
  • What types of protective gloves are available and the hazards they protect against
  • Why gloves must fit properly and comfortably
  • How to inspect and maintain gloves
  • What precautions to follow when working around moving machinery with nip points
  • What measures to take to prevent entanglement injuries
  • How to avoid hand injuries by using tools safely
  • What basic safe work practices to follow to prevent ergonomic disorders

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2021 Overview Series: Preventing Hand, Wrist and Finger Injuries

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