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Depsite all the mention of "workplace diversity", many of us still wonder what it means to our individual organizations and why should we care?  These programs help explain the answer to those questions and why diversity training can be beneficial for everybody.

An example of diversity in the workplace where workers embrace the value created by our differences
Different Like You
Product Code: DLY

What will workforce diversity mean to each of us in the 21st century? This ground-breaking program focuses less on what a group of people can be identified with, and more on the unique diversity of each individual as an organization's most valuable resource: its human capital.
Workers demonstrating respect in the workplace as a result of harassment and diversity training
With All Due Respect - Harassment in the Workplace
Product Code: WADR

With so much workplace harassment training, discrimination training and diversity training in the workplace focused narrowly on the definition of harassment, we tend to lose sight of what should be the desired goal – respect in the workplace.