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With All Due Respect - Harassment in the Workplace
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Running Time: 20 minutes

With so much workplace harassment training, discrimination training and diversity training in the workplace focused narrowly on the definition of harassment, we tend to lose sight of what should be the desired goal – respect in the workplace.  No matter what kind of workplace we work in, respect in the workplace is a fundamental requirement for all successful organizations.  Whether it is a hostile work environment, workplace bullying or gender discrimination; the absence of mutual respect for all employees will interfere with an organization’s productivity.  This human resources training video will effectively deliver this powerful message to your entire organization.
  • Realize the importance of familiarizing yourself with the organization's policies and the law.
  • Acknowledge that all people have an equal right to respect in the workplace.
  • Identify the connection between respect in the workplace and harassment in the workplace.
  • Examine the attitudes, beliefs and actions towards those who are different.
  • Respect in the workplace is built on equality, accepting differences and appreciating diversity.
Mutual respect in the workplace for all members of your organization is the cornerstone for effective discrimination training, workplace harassment training and diversity training in the workplace.  This human resources training video will help to create a solid foundation for your organization to build and maintain a respectful workplace.

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With All Due Respect


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