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Workplace Violence

Statistics tell us that 1 in 4 workers are threatened, harassed or assaulted each year in the workplace. While nobody can prevent or eliminate all workplace violence, steps can be taken to lessen the chances of it happening. These programs are an excellent tool in helping achieve this goal.

Workplace Violence - Recognizing the Threat & Active Shooter: How To Survive
Product Code: WPVL

This program helps us understand what signs to notice in a potentially violent person as well as what actions we should take if and when we feel the threat of violent behavior and/or an Active Shooter.
Employees responding to a workplace violence or active shooter emergency in the workplace
Active Shooter & Workplace Violence
Product Code: ASWV

The purpose of this program is to familiarize you with basic response practices when encountering workplace violence, practices that will help you to be prepared for and to respond to a violent emergency.
An example of violence in the workplace that all employees should be aware of to remain safe at work
Violence in the Workplace
Product Code: VIW

Workplace deaths due to violence rank second only to vehicular accidents in causes of on-the-job fatalities. To avoid the consequences of these violent acts, each employee must be able to recognize the signs of violence and know how to guard against it.
Managing High Risk Situations
Product Code: MHRS

Managing high-risk situations takes more than just awareness and policies which prohibit them. Employees and managers must be able to recognize and contain situations before they escalate into violent events.
Conflict Communication Skills
Product Code: CCS

At some point in your work history, you will encounter some form of hostility. Whether it's an upset co-worker or a dissatisfied customer, your response can make the difference between a stressful or a pleasant work environment.
The results of a worker not acting after identifying warning signs of violence in the workplace
Workplace Violence: I Could Have Saved A Life That Day
Product Code: WSAL

I Chose To Look The Other Way, a very popular safety poem, is used as the foundation for this powerful film. Brought to life through the blending of poetry and program, the program's dramatic storyline teaches viewers some compelling lessons on workplace
Employees following security procedures to help keep all workers safe and secure at work
Security Awareness
Product Code: SCAW

This program is designed to increase viewers' awareness of security issues and help them to understand what they can do to remain secure while at work, traveling or at home.
Preventing Violence in the Workplace
Product Code: PVW

Preventing violence in the workplace takes more than just awareness and policies which prohibit it.  Employees and managers must be able to recognize and contain situations before they escalate into violent events.
Employees following proper procedure while evacuating a building because of an emergency situation
Emergency Preparedness & Response
Product Code: EPR

Knowing the proper procedures to follow during an emergency could mean the difference between life and death. The purpose of this program is to familiarize viewers with basic emergency response practices that will help them be prepared for and respond to a crisis or an emergency.