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Emergency Preparedness & Response
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Running Time: 22 minutes

While they may be rare....fires, severe weather, chemical spills or exposures, severe injuries, medical emergencies, workplace violence and other emergency situations often occur without warning.  Employees have the responsibility to be prepared for and know how to respond should such an emergency occur at their workplace. Knowing the proper procedures to follow during an emergency could mean the difference between life and death. 
  • What general knowledge employees should have in preparation for emergencies.
  • How to respond to fires.
  • How to attend to sick or injured co-workers.
  • How to prepare for and respond to severe weather.
  • How to stay safe during an earthquake.
  • Which behaviors may indicate the potential for workplace violence and how to respond to respond to violent behavior.
  • What actions to take should an active shooter be on the premises.

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Emergency Preparedness & Response


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