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Understanding & Preventing Heat-Related Illnesses
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As the temperature rises this summer and we continue to perform our regular job duties, the potential for heat-related illnesses increases dramatically.  Collectively known as heat stress, these illnesses are serious and can even cause death in some cases. Your employees must be vigilant in their efforts to prevent them.  Illnesses include heat cramps, heat rash, heat syncope and the potentially fatal heat exhaustion and heat stroke, which account for over 400 worker deaths each year.
  • How the human body responds to hot conditions.
  • What the symptoms of various heat-related illnesses are and how they should be treated.
  • The process of becoming acclimated to hot environments.
  • What precautions employees and companies can take to prevent heat stress such as the use of the buddy system.
  • Preventing heat stress at indoor facilities. 
  • Specialized clothing and protective devices for working in hot conditions.

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Understanding & Preventing Heat-Related Illnesses

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