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COVID-19: Staying Safe at Work for Employers
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Running Time: 21 minutes

This dynamic new program discusses in detail how employers can protect their workforce from infection as they ramp up operations and allow employees to return to work. The outbreak of the virus that causes COVID-19 temporarily brought the entire world to a halt. The good news is that your employees can stay safe. 

This program outlines the control measures found in a typical workplace infection control plan and how those measures are put into practice to prevent the spread of COVID-19 at work. In addition to explaining the virus's symptoms and its modes of transmission, the program covers the following employer responsibilities:
  • Creating a screening process to prevent those likely to be contagious from entering the workplace
  • Encouraging all employees to stay home if they are sick or likely to be contagious
  • Designing the infection control plan to mitigate the virus's modes of transmission, including a physical distancing policy, a face covering policy, and a sanitation and hygiene program
  • Staying abreast of changing conditions and guidance from the CDC as well as OSHA, and modifying their control measures accordingly

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COVID-19: Staying Safe at Work for Employers


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