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Tom Harvey

Tom Harvey is a Certified Safety Professional (CSP) and has extensive experience in practical regulatory compliance, HSE best practices implementation, and safety process systems improvement.  He brings over 25 years of operational experience and a proven track record for delivering results.

A team of workers following their training and investigating a reported accident in the workplace
Accident Investigation for Everyone
Product Code: AIFE

Accident investigation is a key component of an effective safety process, but very few investigations achieve their intended purpose.
An explanation of why workers should be ready, willing and able to give and receive safety feedback
Ready, Willing & Able
Product Code: RWA

In this unique presentation, Safety Professional Tom Harvey encourages viewers to have the confidence and courage to engage in a constructive safety conversation when a safety problem arises.
A discussion about what makes a good safety leader and why it is important for every safety program
Safety Leadership for Everyone
Product Code: SLE

In this program, safety professional Tom Harvey discusses the traits that make a good safety leader. Several true-to-life situations are used to illustrate his points, stressing that all of us can be safety leaders regardless of what job or title we hold.
A worker is faced with a situation that may result in injury or death if the wrong decision is made
Safety Decision Making: Overcoming Human Nature
Product Code: OHN

Many people assume that workers will choose to work safely simply because they don't want to get hurt. Unfortunately, our decision-making process isn't that simple.