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Safety Decision Making: Overcoming Human Nature
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Running Time: 19 minutes

This program, hosted by safety professional Tom Harvey, uses common examples, reenactments and a little humor to explain how humans are tempted to make unsafe choices by succumbing to the instant gratification of shortcuts, risk-taking and peer pressure.  It explains how our safety decision-making process works and provides tips and techniques we can use to overcome our human nature and make safe choices rather than unsafe ones.
  • Why working safely goes against human nature.
  • How various factors affect our decision-making process.
  • How positive and negative outcomes of both safe and unsafe actions affect our decisions to repeat those actions.
  • What the term “normalized deviation” means and why it is so dangerous.
  • How all employees can contribute to a positive safety culture by giving and accepting safety feedback.
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Safety Decision Making - Overcoming Human Nature

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