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Forklift Operator Certification Series
Product Code: FCRT
Running Time: 45 TOTAL minutes

The four (4) video lessons in this comprehensive Program are designed to help certify operators at your facility while ensuring that trainees receive the appropriate training that will help prevent injuries, death and property damage during lift truck operation. 
  • Lesson 1 - Training & Pre-Operational Inspection (10 min)  Basic forklift & load characteristics...inspecting outside components, cables, belts & other items...checking fluids, fuel system & compartments
  • Lesson 2 - Stability (10 min)   The Stability Triangle...Combined center of gravity...forward & lateral stability...load & truck movements...stability in motion
  • Lesson 3 - Loading & Operation (12 min)   Safe loading, removing a load from a rack...landing a load...operating and driving safely...inclines and other hazards...keeping co-workers safe....trailers and railcars  
  • Lesson 4 - Classification & Refueling / Recharging (13 min)  Engine type & fundamental characteristics...designated locations...refueling/recharging preparations...gasoline/diesel refueling...LPG refueling...charging/replacing batteries  
Training Materials "Packet" Included with the purchase of each copy of this Program is a "Packet" of printed Training Materials which consists of... 1x Instructor's Guidebook, 5x Trainee's Guidebooks, 5x Wallet Certification Cards and 5x Training Certificates 

Additional copies of printed Training Materials may be purchased by clicking here.  
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