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Lead Exposure in Construction Environments
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Lead is one of the first metals that was ever used by man and it was also the cause of the first recorded occupational disease, "lead colic", suffered by a metal worker who lived about 2,400 years ago.  While it has many uses, lead is toxic and poisonous to humans, animals and plants.  According to OSHA, more than 800,000 workers in the United States are exposed to lead regularly as part of their jobs. Employees need to understand the health hazards of lead exposure and the safety standards that have been established to protect them on the job.
  • The health hazards associated with lead as well as understand and know the safety standards, policies and procedures that their employer implements as part of a compliance program to protect them from lead exposure.
  • Understand when and why an employer is required to provide workers with suitable respirators in lead exposure situations.
  • Safe work practices that can reduce the risk of lead exposure.
  • Specific decontamination practices that should be used.
  • Medical surveillance program and monitoring lead exposure levels.
  • Understand how temporary medical removal helps employees recover from overexposure to lead.

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Lead Exposure in Construction Environments

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