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Training Materials for Forklift Operator Certification Series
Product Code: MATS
Running Time: NA

Additional "Packets" of the printed Training Materials may be purchased at a cost of $46.95 per Packet which consists of...      
  • Five (5) Trainee's Guidebooks       
  • Five (5) Wallet Certification Cards  
  • Five (5) Training Certificates
  • One (1) Instructor's Guidebook  

If you wish to purchase the printed Training Materials individually, please                call us at (800) 278-2780 to place the order at the following costs (+S&H)...
  • Trainee's Guidebook        @ $  6.00 per copy
  • Training Certificate           @ $  2.00 per copy
  • Wallet Certification Card @ $  0.50 per copy
  • Instructor's Guidebook    @ $10.00 per copy

Digital files of Training Materials are NOT available.  
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If ordering online, please select the DVD Format even though they will be PRINTED Training Materials that you will receive.  Otherwise, please contact us at (800) 278-2780 to place your order.
Purchase Price: $46.95
Monthly Rental Price: $46.95
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