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Site Work Safety: Preventing Injuries Above and Below Ground
Product Code: PIABG
Running Time: 13 minutes

Site work, dirt work, excavation, or simply “underground” are all terms that refer to dumping, digging, pushing, compacting, hauling, and manipulating the dirt and grade of a construction job site. When site work operations are in progress, construction workers are exposed to hazards above and below the ground, and safety must always be their top priority. This program discusses common hazards that all site work operations share, such as raised loads and trenches, and how to prevent serious injuries or fatalities, such as through PPE and staying alert for hazards.

After watching the program, the participant should be able to explain the following:
  • Basic and additional PPE required on a job site;
  • The need to avoid being crushed or run over;
  • Safety practices while lifting and placing loads;
  • Underground and overhead powerlines;
  • Unloading trailers and stacking objects;
  • Safety in trenches and excavations;
  • Hazards to stay alert for and the benefits of having a safety mindset.

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Site Work Safety: Preventing Injuries Above and Below Ground

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