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What's Wrong with This Picture? GHS & HAZCOM
Product Code: WWP
Running Time: 20 minutes

In this day and age, chemical hazards exist in practically every workplace including very probably...yours.  Exposure to these chemicals can cause effects ranging from mild skin irritations to serious health problems, such as heart and organ damage or cancer.   Some chemicals present safety problems, such as the potential to cause fires or explosions.  This safety video holds the viewer's attention by providing a thorough and entertaining presentation of the HAZCOM & GHS Standard in a wide variety of work settings. 
  • Interesting & entertaining WRONG WAY / RIGHT WAY examples.
  • The Written Hazard Communication Plan.
  • Explains in detail: Pictograms, Labels, Safety Data Sheets and more.
  • Menu-Driven DVD which allows you to play the entire video...or only the Label segment...or only the SDS segment.
  • English AND Spanish Subtitles on the same DVD.

Leader's Guide...

 HAZCOM & GHS - Whats Wrong with This Picture

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