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The Global Harmonization System
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Recent changes to the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard have brought the associated OSHA regulations more in line with the international hazard communication standards with the implementation of the Globally Harmonized System or GHS.  The Global Harmonization System helps ensure improved quality and consistency in the classification of all chemicals and chemical labels, which in turn improves an employee’s ability to quickly understand the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard.  This hazard communication program is designed to assist you with GHS training for employees to understand the three key elements of the Global Harmonization System: Hazard Classification, Container Labeling and Safety Data Sheets (SDS) formally known as OSHA MSDS Sheets or Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS).
  • What the written Hazard Communication Plan and the Global Harmonization System are.
  • The 16 Classes of Physical Hazards and the 10 Classes of Health Hazards.
  • The information found on GHS labels such as:  GHS Pictograms, Signal Words and Hazard & Precautionary Statements.
  • Descriptions of the various GHS Pictograms representing: Physical Hazards, Health Hazards, Environmental and Transport.
  • The types of Precautionary Statements for each Hazard Class: Prevention, Response, Storage and Disposal.
  • Other relevant information found on GHS labels such as supplier information.
  • Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) or OSHA MSDS Sheets required by the original OSHA Hazard Communication Standard now have a standardized format and are called Safety Data Sheets (SDS) as part of the Global Harmonization System.
  • The 16 Sections of Safety Data Sheets (SDS).
  • Discuss the Guide to the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemical also known as “The Purple Book”.

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Hazard Communication & The Global Harmonizing System

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