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Hazard Communication, the GHS & You
Product Code: HCGY
Running Time: 15 minutes

This program features four real-life scenarios that underscore the importance of being able to quickly obtain health, safety and hazard information related to hazardous chemicals and substances in the workplace. As mandated by OSHA, chemical safety data must be conveyed through the use of the standard communication elements found in the Globally Harmonized System for the Labeling and Classification of Chemicals, commonly called the GHS for short. The program explains each of these communication elements in detail so your employees will understand how chemical hazards are communicated and how to use this information to ensure their safety when storing, handling and using hazardous substances. 
  • What basic information can be found on a chemical label.
  • What severity of hazard the signal words of Danger and Warning indicate.
  • What information is provided by Hazard and Precautionary Statements.
  • Which Pictograms are used to convey Physical, Health and Environmental Hazards.
  • What information is detailed in the 16 sections of the GHS Safety Data Sheet.

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 Hazard Communication, the GHS & You

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