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Don't Bet On It! (Edited Version)
Product Code: DBOING
Running Time: 13 minutes

By bypassing or ignoring safety rules and procedures, some employees are making the decision to risk their lives.  Will their gamble pay off? Don't bet on it!  This program examines some of the underlying reasons for the choices some employees make.
  • A comparison is drawn between not following safety guidelines and the game of Russian Roulette.
  • If a person continues to take chances with safety and "spins the cylinder", eventually they will hit a "loaded chamber"...game over.
  • Incident 1 - False sense of security based on years of experience causes electrocution.
  • Incident 2 - Time constraints, rushing and being distracted kills confined space entrant.
  • Incident 3 - Showing off / dangerous attitude results in worker's fall and death.
  • Incident 4 - Lapse of judgment by only thinking about safety when confronted with obvious hazards rather than all the time causes eye injury to welder.
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Dont Bet On It!

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