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Lockout / Tagout for Affected Workers
Product Code: LTAFW
Running Time: 13 minutes

The lifesaving practice of controlling hazardous energy is commonly referred to as “lockout/tagout.” Conditions that require lockout/tagout typically occur during maintenance, service, or repair operations. OSHA’s standard of controlling hazardous energy categorizes three types of workers as related to lockout/tagout operations: authorized workers, affected workers, and other workers. Employees who may be impacted or affected by the de-energization of equipment or processes are “affected workers” and they are the focus of this program. Although affected workers do not perform lockout procedures, they are required to know how to interact with the authorized employees who actually perform the lockout.

After watching the program, the participant should be able to explain the following:
  • What is lockout/tagout;
  • The three types of workers listed in OSHA’s standard and their differences;
  • The responsibilities of an affected worker;
  • The written Energy Control Plan;
  • The need for communication between workers;
  • The proper use of locks and tags.

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Lockout / Tagout for Affected Workers

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