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SAFETY FIRST: Be Proud of That
Product Code: BEPD
Running Time: 3 minutes

This unique program is an upbeat music video that reinforces the importance of working safely. The song lyrics and imagery underscore the importance of always following safe work practices, wearing PPE and speaking up for safety. Viewers will be inspired to “put safety first.”

Some of the important points reinforced by the program include:
  • The consequences of unsafe acts last forever. 
  • The risk of performing an unsafe act is not worth the cost. 
  • Even when outnumbered by unsafe coworkers, you should continue your safety efforts because they will eventually take hold and influence others. 
  • When safety mistakes are made, it is essential for coworkers to speak up to prevent an unsafe act.  
  • It’s important for each individual to make safety a habit and have a deep safety commitment.  
  • Working safely does more than protect one individual from injury; working safely reinforces the safety culture and makes everyone safer.  
  • There is always a risk of incident or injury and the only way to minimize this risk is to always put safety first and avoid risk-taking and shortcuts.

After watching the program, the participant will be able to explain the following:
  • Why the risk of taking shortcuts is not worth the cost;  
  • Why you should continue your safety efforts even though you are outnumbered by unsafe coworkers; 
  • Why it is essential to speak up to prevent unsafe acts;  
  • Why each individual must be deeply committed to safety and make safety a habit;  
  • Why putting safety first and avoiding risk-taking and shortcuts is the only way to minimize risk.

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SAFETY FIRST: Be Proud of That

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