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Fall Hazards: One of Construction's Fatal Four
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Running Time: 10 minutes

In an effort to reduce the high number of injuries and deaths that occur on construction sites, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, OSHA, has identified the four most common causes of injuries and fatalities in construction. Known as the “Fatal Four” or the “Focus Four,” these hazards include struck-by hazards, caught-between hazards, fall hazards and electrocution hazards. While fall hazards pose an increased risk of falling on the same level, most construction-related deaths result from falls from height. The three major sources of falls from height in the construction industry include roofs, unprotected edges, holes and openings, improper scaffold construction and the unsafe use of portable ladders. This program discusses safe work practices workers must follow to protect themselves from the fall hazards presented by these three sources.

Topics include common fall hazards, guardrail use, personal fall arrest systems, fall protection requirements for scaffolding and basic portable ladder safety precautions.

After watching the program, the participant will be able to explain the following: 
  • What the common fall hazards found on a construction site are.
  • How guardrails and personal fall arrest systems are used for fall protection.
  • What the OSHA fall protection requirements for scaffolding are.
  • What basic safe work practices to follow when using portable ladders.

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Fall Hazards: One of Construction's Fatal Four

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