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Dealing with HAZMAT Spills
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Running Time: 16 minutes

If spills of hazardous materials occur in the wrong place at the wrong time, the result can be a disaster.  However, the worst-case scenarios can be prevented when employees understand how to respond correctly if a HAZMAT spill occurs.  To deal with spills safely and effectively, employees need to understand the hazards that are associated with HAZMATs and the cleanup procedures that should be used with them, as well as the decontamination and waste disposal procedures that should be employed when cleaning up a spill.
  • The purpose and content of a company's Hazard Communication Program.
  • The hazards that can be created by accidental spills of Hazardous Materials aka HAZMATs.
  • How these hazards can be avoided by coordinated spill response and cleanup procedures.
  • The titles of the Spill Response Team Members & the tasks they perform.
  • What types of training are required to be part of a Spill Response Team.
  • Safe practices and equipment that should be used to handle HAZMAT spills.

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Dealing with HAZMAT Spills

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