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Move It Safely: Avoiding Injuries While Moving Materials
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Running Time: 20 minutes

Two of the main causes of injuries to material handling workers are attempting to show off to their co-workers and not wanting to take time to get the proper equipment or ask for help. This leads to workers struggling to lift and carry materials which are too heavy to be moved safely. In order to move objects safely, employees must be well trained in safe material handling techniques while also maintaining the proper attitude and state of mind to use their training each time they lift or move an object.
  • How to prepare for lifting and moving a load.
  • Why you must stay within your limits without exerting yourself when you are lifting and moving an object by yourself.
  • How to manually lift and move an object without injury.
  • How to properly move loads with hand trucks, carts and dollies.
  • How to avoid injuries when working near powered material handling equipment. 
  • How to safely move pallets by ourselves or with forklifts and pallet jacks.

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Move It Safely: Avoiding Injuries While Moving Materials

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