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WorkSafe TV
Product Code: WTV
Running Time: 19 minutes

Join Super Dave Osborne, as he introduces five entertaining, informative and fun new television programs specifically designed to help you work more safely and productively. These shows highlight only a sample of the many hazards that confront workers today.
  • Hosted by Super Dave Osborne and narrated by Gary Owens.
  • SLIPS, TRIPS and FALLS! - The game show that tests your knowledge of the most effective ways to avoid a workplace fumble, tumble or spill.
  • MONDAY NIGHT SAFETY - Join the night crew at Acme Printing Warehouse Arena, as it suits up in the proper PPE for its biggest shift of the year!
  • JACK'S BACK - Comedy soon turns to tragedy when Jack hurts his back. This new sit-com proves there's nothing funny about a back injury.
  • SAFETY KING SHOW - When you have a question about driving safety, who are you going to call? The Safety King!
  • WORKPLACE SURVIVOR - In this new reality show, watch Kendra, Clem and Frank to see who gets voted "off the island" for not following basic HAZCOM procedures.

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