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What's Your Excuse? (Non-Graphic Version)
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Running Time: 17 minutes

Excuses, excuses--we all have given and heard our share of excuses. We often make excuses so fast and with so little thought that we fail to realize how dangerous they can be. This program features many common workplace examples of people using excuses to justify unsafe acts. Our goal is to help viewers recognize risky excuses so they can stop, think and make a better choice.
  • How making excuses progresses to situations related to our safety.
  • Excuses can have tragic results and don't change the reality of our situation.
  • Safety Excuse #1 - Prior experience and success will guarantee my safety.
  • Safety Excuse #2 - Assuming it's safe, makes it safe.
  • Safety Excuse #3 - My safety is directly related to my convenience.
  • What our excuses really say to our loved ones; and how those excuses affect us and our loved ones.

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What's Your Excuse?

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