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Operating Reach Trucks Safely
Product Code: ORTS
Running Time: 19 minutes

Reach trucks are a critical part of many material handling operations, as they can move loads of material smoothly and efficiently in areas too tight for traditional forklifts. Operators must have a good safety attitude and commitment to responsible operation to prevent injuries and property damage. This program discusses common hazards presented by the operation of reach trucks and how to control those hazards through safe operating techniques.
  • How the stability and handling characteristics of a reach truck differ from those of forklifts and automobiles.
  • What to look for during a pre-operational inspection.
  • How to lift and move loads safely.
  • How to properly travel on sloped surfaces.
  • How to protect pedestrians from being injured by the truck.
  • How to properly lift personnel with approved lifting devices.
  • What precautions must be taken when working in trailers and railcars.

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Operating Reach Trucks Safely

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