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Maintaining Your Safety (Non-Graphic Version)
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Running Time: 20 minutes

Maintenance workers maintain all aspects of operations and equipment. They are such an important part of the process that they feel pressure to get all repairs done fast! In this program, maintenance workers learn how to overcome pressure and redouble their efforts to always follow safe work procedures. Also featured are reenactments of common maintenance incidents, testimonials and examples of safe work practices.
  • Why maintenance workers must overcome pressure to skip safety procedures.
  • Why a job hazard analysis should be conducted before beginning a new task.
  • Why all LOTO procedures must be followed to control energy sources.
  • The responsibilities for those workers who are qualified to do electrical work.
  • What precautions employees must take to prevent falls when performing jobs that are above ground level. 
  • Why we must always choose the proper tools for the job and use them safely.

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Maintaining Your Safety

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