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Mark Standifer's Electrical Safety Briefing
Product Code: MSESB
Running Time: 19 minutes

As a survivor of an arc flash incident, Mark knows the pain and suffering associated with electrical and arc flash injuries. In this live presentation, he stresses the importance of thinking about what we are doing and being aware of all shock and burn hazards when performing electrical job tasks. Mark also makes the point that we must always wear the PPE and FR rated clothing required by the NFPA 70E to protect ourselves from any mistakes that we may make.
  • What information is found on an arc flash/electrical hazard warning label.
  • Why we must wear the appropriate voltage rated gloves and FR rated clothing when performing electrical work.
  • Why we shouldn’t wear cotton and synthetic clothing around electrical hazards.
  • What mistakes were made that led to Mark’s incident and his friend’s death.
  • Why all jewelry must be removed when working on electrical equipment.
  • Why we must think about what we are doing when undertaking electrical tasks.

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Mark Standifer's Electrical Safety Briefing

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