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Lockout / Tagout: When Everyone Knows
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Running Time: 16 minutes

In 1989, OSHA issued the Control of Hazardous Energy Policy to address the rash of deaths and injuries suffered by workers who maintain and repair equipment. Also known as the "Lockout / Tagout Standard", this regulation requires that lockout procedures be implemented to prevent equipment from releasing its stored energy while being repaired and maintained.
  • Various types of energy are discussed from electric to hydraulic to gravity.
  • The Written Energy Control Plan.
  • Employee classifications, such as: Authorized, Affected and Other.
  • The procedures for both locking out a machine and getting it back up and running after the lockout.
  • Group lockout and its importance in preventing accidents.
  • The lessons to be learned from the accidents depicted.

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Lockout /Tagout: When Everyone Knows

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