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PowerLift: Lifting Training That Works!
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Running Time: 19 minutes

Most of us have been trained to lift objects with the traditional bend your knees and keep your back straight technique, but this conventional lifting method is flawed. Dr. Michael Schaefer has recognized this flaw in conventional lifting and developed a safe, easy and stronger lifting position called the PowerLift.  This new method is being adopted into safe lifting procedures and is being implemented when lifting at work. This PowerLift training video will teach us how to PowerLift as well as illustrate the benefits behind good lifting techniques. 
  • Flaws in conventional lifting are recognized. The structure of the straight back technique and the "squat lift" can be harmful.
  • Cumulative injury and scar tissue can lead to a decline in overall health of our backs.
  • Keeping the spine in a "neutral position" and learning the basics of the wide stance PowerLift will make lifting at work safer and easier for employees
  • The four lifts derived from the PowerLift concept: Tipping Load, Tripod Lift, Golfer's Bend and Lean-Bar Lifting techniques.
  • Bridging adds strength and balance as you lift and is also a good lifting technique taught in this safety training video.

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PowerLift: Lifting Training That Works!

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