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Forklift Operator Safety
Product Code: FOPS
Running Time: 20 minutes

In an effort to avoid an incident and potential injury, this forklift safety training program provides viewers with the basic information they need to know regarding the three areas of forklift safety: how a forklift operates; how to safely lift, carry and place a load; and following the rules of the road.
  • Forklifts vs. automobiles...the differences between.
  • Forklift familiarity, inspection and refueling / recharging.
  • Stability and how it is affected by the load.
  • Lifting, carrying and placing a load.
  • Hazardous conditions and driving safely.
  • Loading trucks, trailers and railcars.
  • Tips for working near pedestrians and other forklifts.

This forklift safety training video is recommended for forklift operators, those who have completed forklift certification or work around forklifts, and for those who are interested in the essentials of OSHA forklift training and safety best practices.

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Forklift Operator Safety

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