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The Dummy Series: Forklift Safety
Product Code: DSFS
Running Time: 17 minutes

These dummies don’t know how to drive a forklift safely!  In this funny safety video, workplace “dummies” are used to illustrate the consequences of common forklift safety errors that result in injury and property damage.  The “dummies” create and fail to avoid workplace hazards through their actions: erratic forklift operation, not paying attention, and showing off, etc.  Embedded in these preventable forklift accidents is this message to the viewers: injuries caused by forklift accidents don’t happen to dummies; injuries happen to real people who ignore their forklift safety training.
  • A humorous take on basic forklift safety.
  • The importance of performing a forklift inspection prior to operation.
  • The unique handling characteristics of a forklift.
  • How to prevent a tip-over and what to do if one occurs.
  • The hazards that exist when driving on docks and trailers.
This forklift safety training video is recommended for forklift operators, those who have completed forklift certification or work around forklifts, and for those who are interested in the essentials of OSHA forklift training and safety best practices.

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The Dummy Series: Forklift Safety

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